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Why certification matters to a print company

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Case study: Spectrum Printing

Spectrum Printing is a family run lithographic printing company based in Cardiff, providing everyday short and longer run printing. With almost 30 years’ experience producing high quality printing, they use a wide range of specialised techniques and are committed to reducing their environmental impact.

We asked Stephen Hyde of Spectrum how certification to ISO9001, ISO14001 and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody has benefited the company. ​ 

So why is certification important for a printing company?

  • Greater efficiency and improved systems Meeting ISO standards has helped the Spectrum team find new ways to save time and resources, by ensuring that they have the correct procedures in place and encouraging them to streamline their systems. The company has recently invested in a Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 75 press, meaning that they can run one state of the art, high speed press instead of two presses, which has increased productivity and reduced waste.

  • Reduced environmental impact Meeting the requirements of ISO14001 and the FSC Chain of Custody has underscored Spectrum’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of printing. The company offers a range of sustainable and recycled print materials, and the recently acquired Heidelberg CX 75 prints to ISO standards, with high energy efficiency and resource-efficient use of materials.

  • Increased business Certification has further built on Spectrum’s public image and increased trust and confidence in the company, resulting in an increase in business. They’ve been able to demonstrate their ability to consistently deliver the services their customers need to a high standard.


Looking for ISO certification for your business? contact us via or call us on 029 2070 3328.


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