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Compliance Software

As specialists in compliance, we searched for a long time to find a software solution that would truly help to simplify quality, environmental, health & safety and information security management. Mango gave us that solution. It's easy to use and engages the whole workforce.  As Mango Partners, we love helping our clients to get the most of our their compliance systems by using Mango. 

Introducing Mango

Mango ("management on the go") is cloud-based compliance software that can be accessed from anywhere. It is ideal for multi-sited organisations and helps to do away with paper files and unresponsive spreadsheets. 

We are thrilled to have finally found "beautifully simple compliance software" which is easy to use.

Mango Modules

See how simple compliance can be! Our series of short videos allows you to check out the modules that are of greatest interest to you! The two below are some of the most commonly used modules, but there are many more.

Accident Module
Improvements Module

Mango have over 10 more modules, which may be applicable to your organisation. 

If you think Mango can help you...

you're probably right! 

To speak with one of our consultants about how Mango can help solve your QHSE compliance problems, simply click the button below to arrange a demostration. 

Hear from our happy customers

PlantCare - UK

Mango helped to solve PlantCare's "main pain - document control". Watch the short video to find out how. 

Gwalia Healthcare 

Watch the video above to find out how Mango has helped Gwalia Healthcare become "more efficent, and far more compliant".


"Prior to implementing Mango we were using a paper based system, searching around for endless pieces of paper which was highly time consuming and painful during external audits, we were missing checks and documents.


"After the implementation of Mango we could see the efficiency benefits straight away. The Mango system has made our compliance and document control significantly easier to manage and much more effective. It gives you complete control over your documents and we are now virtually paperless. It has an event module which sets up automatic reminders to the owners of activities and means we now never miss an activity and they are owned by the relevant department. The dashboard makes it very easy to see all of the information at a glance. We have been using Mango for about a year now and I think the biggest change is the way in which Mango has engaged the whole business.

"I would definitely recommend Mango as a complete integrated Management system."

Beverley Knight

Health & Safety Manager

For more case studies from Mango users around the world ...

check out more videos on Mango's own website