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ISO 45001

ISO 45001:2018 is the International Standard for Health and Safety Management Systems.

What Is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001:2018 is the internationally agreed standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (SMS). This standard helps various organisations across the world ensure they obtain a safety culture. 

This standard is designed for various industries and organisations to prove that they are committed to health and safety in the workplace.

Achieve ISO 45001 Certification Using Mango Software

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Implementing ISO 45001

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Do You Need A Copy Of The Standard?

How To Get Certified To ISO 45001

If you need assistance in getting certified to ISO45001, fill out a request a demo form. 


The team at Penarth will then determine which consultancy package or software is right for you in order to ensure you get certified to ISO 45001. 

Benefits of ISO 45001

Increased Employee Safety

Injury Prevention and Risk Mitigation

Improve Worker Productivity

Achieve a competitive advantage

Meet Legal Requirements

Enhance Organisational Safety Culture

What Is Health And Safety Management?

Health and Safety Management is a framework that demonstrates your organisations commitment to occupational health and safety in the workplace. 

This can be through the use of a health and safety policy or having a health and safety executive in place to manage safety issues. 

If your organisation wishes to achieve health and safety management, they should look at becoming certified to ISO 45001, which they can do by following various safety regulations outlined by HSE. 

Why Implement a SMS?

Implementing a safety management system (SMS) will benefit organisations of various sizes and industries. Not only will you be able to demonstrate that you manage safety risks, but you will also be able to prove you prioritize having a safety culture. 

Whether you are focusing on risk management, accident and incident reduction, or SSIP - implementing an EMS will help. 

We recommend using a software based solution to implement your occupational health and safety system.

Safety Compliance Software

Use Mango to look after the standard activities of a Quality Management System, including:

Monitor the effectiveness of your current occupational health and system

Document related policies, procedures and forms and then link them to other modules

Help your employees understand the importance of health and safety in an easy way

Conduct real time accident and incident investigations using the Accidents & Incidents Module

Prove to auditors that you are conforming with occupational health and safety requirements

What Are The 4 Components of a SMS?

  1. Safety Policy and Objectives 

  2. Safety Risk Management

  3. Safety Assurance 

  4. Safety Promotion

The main goal behind any Safety Management System (SMS) is to provide a systematic approach to achieving acceptable levels of safety risk. 

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP)

Construction companies are often required to comply with a range of HSE schemes, such as CHAS and ConstructionOnline. You can now use ISO 45001 to demonstrate that you comply with Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP).

This means that being ISO 45001 Certified via UKAS accreditation bodies is just one way of demonstrating compliance. You will see increased cost savings, as well as the time spent to get certified.

Plant Care and ISO 45001

Plant Care is a plant installation and maintenance company based in Bristol. They are required to be certified to many standards, including ISO 45001. Watch the video to find out how they achieved certification with the assistance of our services. 

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