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Williams Shipping Holdings Ltd

Adam joined the business as the SHEQ Manager and says:

"I look after safety, health, environmental and quality and what I saw when I came into the business was a business being managed on spreadsheets. Trying to pull together compliance for six different divisions was impossible. 

"Mango has centralised what we do for legal compliance. 

"We now manage by exception. The system tells us when somebody hasn't done something." 


"Prior to implementing Mango we were using a paper based system, searching around for endless pieces of paper which was highly time consuming and painful. 


During external audits, we were missing checks and documents.


"After the implementation of Mango we could see the efficiency benefits straight away. The Mango system has made our compliance and document control significantly easier to manage and much more effective.


It gives you complete control over your documents and we are now virtually paperless.


It has an event module which sets up automatic reminders to the owners of activities and means we now never miss an activity and they are owned by the relevant department.


The dashboard makes it very easy to see all of the information at a glance. We have been using Mango for about a year now and I think the biggest change is the way in which Mango has engaged the whole business.


I would definitely recommend Mango as a complete integrated Management system."

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Beverley Knight

Health & Safety Manager


Plant Care is a plant installation and maintence company based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

They are required to be certified to ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 45001. These certifications are crucial for their business as major client contracts rely on them.

Mango was an attractive solution as it solved their main pain, document control.

Watch the video to find out how Mango solved their compliance issues. 

Prior to implementing Mango, Plant Care relied on a paper-based system. This system was highly labour intensive and proved to be ineffective and inefficient.


Information was located in multiple places and document control was at an all-time low with different versions of documents being used in different places.

Gwalia Healthcare

Gwalia Healthcare are a medical device manufacturer located in South Wales, United Kingdom.

They are certified to ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management).

Being certified to these standards requires a lot of compliance.

Watch the video to hear how Mango helped them.

Gwalia Healthcare originally used a paper-based system to manage their compliance activity. This came with multiple issues such as paper being moved between desks and important documents being misplaced.


It was an un-compliant, inefficient and ineffective system.

Benfield Timber Buildings

Benfield Timber Buildings specialises in the manufacture of timber framed buildings using sustainably sourced materials. 

Before Mango, the company had a Quality Management System, but it wasn't truly embedded through the company, which resulted in people finding their own solutions to issues. 

Introducing Mango has enabled the company to empower employees to take responsibility for all aspects of compliance. 

Watch the video to hear how Mango helped them.

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