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How does this Toy Story end? Will Woody and Buzz survive the landfill?

The toys were holding hands.

“This is the end of us,” Woody thought.

“All the resources that went into making us. All the plastic not being recycled but about to be burned in the incinerator.”

Buzz looked at him.

“You are my friend to infinity and beyond, Woody,” he said.

Woody smiled and gazed at Jessie.

“We don’t have long now,” Woody thought.

“We’ll be incinerated along with tonnes of waste from companies in the city, lots of it plastic like us that could be recycled and reused, helping to preserve the Earth’s precious resources.”

Jessie squeezed his hand.

Woody closed his eyes and expected the worst…

“Look!” Buzz shouted.

The aliens were lowering a metal claw into the incinerator. The toys could escape!


Andy handed Woody to his sister Bonnie.

“He’s yours now. Take care of him, and look after all the other toys, too.”

Bonnie said: “I will! I’ve been learning about recycling in school and how important it is to reduce plastic pollution, so I’ll play with them for years. And when I’m older, I’ll give them to your children.”

Andy laughed.

“Hey! I’m only 17! We learned about plastic pollution, too. Did you know that 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced every year?”

Bonnie shook her head.

“Wow, that’s so much. We all have to do something about it. Businesses, homes, schools, hospitals, shops. We all need to reduce our plastic waste.”

Andy agreed.

“My college is arranging an internship at Penarth Management next year. It’s a consultancy that helps businesses comply with the law about waste and keep on top of their duties with online software called Mango,” he said.

“The software allows workers to access important documents wherever there’s an internet connection. It reduces paper waste, too, as they’re stored in the cloud.

“I think Woody and Buzz here would approve!”

Bonnie laughed.

Woody and Buzz stayed silent and still, but if you looked carefully, you could see they were both smiling.


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