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Beating plastic pollution is a Toy Story - to infinity and beyond!

Woody shook his head.

“Who does that guy think he is?” he whispered, glaring at Buzz Lightyear.

“He’s just so…PLASTIC!”

Bo Peep laughed.

“Oh, Woody, most of the toys here are entirely plastic or have plastic in them. The majority of toys are made from it.”

She whispered in his ear: “Even you have a little plastic in you, Woody…”

Woody coughed.

“Yes, well, I was made to last, unlike Buzz over there who’ll break within a few months!”

Bo Peep sighed.

“We’re all at risk of breaking, even me, Woody, and I’m all porcelain. What worries me is the amount of single use plastic in our oceans and going into landfill sites. I’m sure you don’t want any of us to end up there, do you?”

Woody shook his head again.

“No, ma’am! I sure don’t. I couldn’t bear it if we hurt whales or dolphins or otters or seals! How can we stop this happening?”

Bo showed Woody a discarded newspaper with an article about World Environment Day on June 5th.

“The theme this year is #beatplasticpollution - as a shocking 19 to 23 million tonnes of plastic end up in our rivers, lakes, and seas.”

Buzz launched himself off the wardrobe. Woody ducked to avoid Buzz flying into his head.

“So I guess I have to put up with this guy or he’ll end up in the ocean!”

Bo laughed.

Mr Potato head shuffled towards Woody and Bo.

“Anyone seen my ears?”

His wife sighed and replied: “You left them just outside the door to listen to Andy’s mother, remember?”

“Ah, yes! I’ll go and get them,” he said.

When he returned, Mr Potato Head pushed his ears into his head.

“Uh oh,” he said. “My ears heard Andy’s mom talking about moving house…”

Woody slumped down into the floor.

“What if they have a clear out and we all get thrown away?” Woody cried. “Some of us are old and aren’t the favourite toy any more.”

My Potato Head patted Woody on the shoulder.

“Andy’s mom likes to recycle. She’s always separating the paper, card, and plastics,” said Mr Potato Head.

“I don’t think she’d just throw us away…”

Find out what happens to the toys in our next blog!


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