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You’ve got a friend in me - even though we’re both plastic…

Slinky Dog sighed.

“Gee howdy bob! It’s just one thing after another, Buzz. First, you and Woody got left behind when Andy moved house, now Woody’s been kidnapped by a toy collector and we have to rescue him.”

Buzz glared at Slinky.

“We got home the first time, didn’t we? We weren’t going to be thrown away in the plastic rubbish!”

Slinky nodded.

“You did, Buzz. But how do we rescue Woody now. And does he even want to be rescued? These toy collectors treat their toys really well, after all.”

Buzz snapped back his visor.

“It’s time for a Lightyear plan…”


Slinky sighed again.

“That didn’t exactly go to plan, Buzz…First there was Utility Belt Buzz, then Woody didn’t want to come home and leave his new friend Jessie, then the aliens and the pizza truck, then Pete sabotaged the escape, and then you had to rescue Jessie from the plane to Japan. I’m exhausted!”

Buzz shrugged.

“All worth it, little friend! None of us went into the plastic waste and all of us got home in the end. Plus, we have a new friend in Jessie!”

Slinky wobbled to the door.

“We do! She’s rootin’ tootin’, isn’t she Buzz?”

Buzz laughed.

“She is! We’re friends for infinity and beyond, Woody said.

“Just as well, because Andy’s getting older and we’re not going to be played with as much. We’ll need each other.”

Slinky dog nodded.

“I wonder what will happen to us then…”

Find out whether the toys stay out of the trash in our next blog!

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