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What is Annex SL?

Many organisations have implemented multiple management system standards. Clearly there are benefits in time, cost and resources if the systems can be integrated.

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) developed 'Annex SL' as a generic framework to standardise terminology and structures across different management standards. 

Common clauses in the high level structure

All management standards should now follow the common framework:

  1. Scope

  2. Normative references

  3. Terms and definitions

  4. Context of the organisation

  5. Leadership

  6. Planning

  7. Support

  8. Operation

  9. Performance evaluation

  10. Improvement

What does this mean for organisations?

By November 2018 all existing ISO9001 and ISO14001 management systems will need to have been assessed to the 2015 edition of the Standard, so organisations should be reviewing their systems to see if they require any amendment to meet the requirements. In particular, they should ensure they are familiar with the requirements of Annex SL.


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