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What’s the Fifth Element? Mango, of course!

The plans for the rebuilt Fhloston Paradise Hotel shimmered in a hologram in front of Ruby Rhod.

“And now, here are the plans for Fhloston Paradise Hotel 2, all fresh and shiny from the space architect. What do you think, people? Do you love it? Who cares! I do! And, as I’m the new owner that’s all that matters…Green!”

Ruby smiled into the camera.

“I’ll be doing my show daily from the most notorious place in the universe, in memory of the great singer Plavalagula. Now that the universe has been saved by my man Korben Dallas, of course. And here he is on the line right now! Over to you Korben, the man of the moment…”

There was an uncomfortable amount of dead air, then Korben said: “Hello…”

Ruby’s eyes rolled up in despair.

“Still a man of few words, Mr Korben Dallas everyone!”

Ruby heard a sigh on the other end of the line.

“Now, Korben Dallas, as our new security chief, what are you doing to prevent another attack like the destruction, the havoc wreaked by the Mangalores?”

Silence, followed by: “Guns. Lots of guns…”

Ruby looked a little shocked.

“Not Green, my man! We talked about this…”

Korben sighed again.

“Just a joke, folks!” he said. Ruby let out a high pitched, nervous laugh.

Korben sighed again.

“My mother tells me she’ll disown me if I make another joke like that. Some threat! Anyway, we’re looking at what the UK is doing with Martyn’s Law.”

Ruby nodded: “That’s the new law to ensure concert venues and hotels like ours have plans in place to help detect potential attacks and combat them if something does happen, right?”

Korben replied: “Right.”

Ruby went on: “It’s named after one of the 22 innocent victims of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, Martyn Hett. The law says hotels like ours should have the right security with proper training and good communication.

“Although that doesn’t apply here, we’re campaigning for the Fhloston equivalent, the Plavalagula Law. We’ll be adopting the measures anyway to ensure your safety. Supergreen!”

Korben sighed again.

“I’m pretty busy with the new online compliance software we’re using to manage this, Mango. It allows my team to access all the records we need wherever there’s an internet connection. It’s all held in the space cloud…So, can I go?”

Ruby rolled his eyes again.

“Korben Dallas, everyone! Always got some place else to be!”

Korben clicked the screen closed and turned to Leeloo.

“Will you stop saying ‘multipass’ just because you know it annoys me? You can’t keep getting away with this stuff just because you’re the Fifth Element!”

Leeloo giggled and shouted: “Mango!”

Korben sighed in resignation. Again.

You can find out more about Martyn’s Law (the Terrorism (Protection of premises) Bill) here:

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