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Why Hotel Transylvania added Mango to its menu

Dracula sighed and looked at his daughter Mavis.

“What are we going to do? If the Frankensteins or Griffin the invisible man or the werewolves find out that we have a…HUMAN…here, Hotel Transylvania will be finished!”

He threw up his hands in despair.

Mavis smirked. “Dramatic, Dad! He’s not just any human, he’s called Jonathan and he’s my friend now. We can’t just throw him out. Besides, he’d leave a terrible review on Tripadvisor…”

Dracula nodded. “These humans and their hotel reviews!”

Mavis walked around the desk and patted her father’s arm. “The thing we have going for us is we’re such a safe place. We’ve worked hard to make that happen. All kinds of monsters can come here and they know they won’t be bothered, that they’re safe to let their hair down,” she said.

Dracula nodded. “We do pride ourselves on being ahead of the game when it comes to safety and security. We’re even looking at what they’re doing in the UK right now with Martyn’s law.”

Mavis sat down. “What’s that, Dad?”

Dracula sighed: “It’s a new law named after Martyn Hett who was one of the 22 innocent victims of the Manchester Arena attack in 2017. The law will help hotels prepare for threats with a plan to train staff properly to spot and combat threats and ensure everyone can communicate effectively if something does happen.

“It’s bound to mean a lot more paperwork, though, with training records and keeping all those plans up to date.”

Suddenly, they heard thumping and muffled cries coming from the cupboard.

Dracula opened the door to show Jonathan, still with his backpack on.

“Dad!” Mavis cried.

“What?” Dracula said. “Look, I’m taking off his gag…”

Jonathan smiled and waved at Mavis. “Hey, Dude, I couldn’t help overhearing. My uncle runs a hotel in London and he brought in some expert safety consultants from Penarth Management.”

Dracula nodded as he untied Jonathan’s hands. “He did? How can they help?”

Jonathan rubbed his wrists and said: “Mango.”

Dracula sighed again. “Yes, very funny, we’ll have some fruit and you can get back in the closet…”

Jonathan shook his head. “No, Dude, the online compliance software called Mango. It allows all the staff to access it wherever there’s an internet connection, all the documents are stored in the cloud so you don’t have piles of paper to wade through…”

Dracula nodded.

Jonathan went on: “Plus the system can alert you if you need to renew training. Do you know what the cloud is?”

Dracula snapped: “Of course! We’re not living in the past here, even though we have a mummy.”

Mavis had a great idea. “Dad, any threat to Hotel Transylvania is likely to come from humans, isn’t it?”

Dracula nodded in agreement. “So, who better to help us combat that threat than a human?” Mavis pointed to Jonathan. “This human!”

Dracula scratched his chin. “You make a good point, Mavis. But how do we sell this idea to the guests?”

Jonathan grinned. “You could tell them I’m an honorary vampire brought here to help keep them safe. Besides, when they meet me they’ll know I’m not a threat to them.”

Mavis nodded. “I could introduce him as my boyfriend…”

Dracula bristled and stood up. “You’ve gone too far, Mavis! Remember, you’re only 118!”

He huffed, transformed into a bat, and flew out of the window.

Mavis laughed. “I think that’s a yes!”


You can find out more about Martyn’s Law (the Terrorism (Protection of premises) Bill) here:

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