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Viva Las Vegas - and long live Mango!

Lucky Jackson looked down at his wet clothes, then at the pool, and sighed.

“Well, I’m soaking wet and I’ve lost the money for my race car engine! Goodbye to my chances of winning the Las Vegas Grand Prix.”

Rusty Martin brought him a towel.

“I’m sorry I pushed you in…”

Lucky shrugged.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” he said.

“Looks like I’ll be staying in Vegas a while longer, until I can get the money to fix my car…”

The manager of the hotel walked over.

“And the money to pay your hotel bill, Mr Jackson. You’re going to have to work that off as a waiter. You know what they say…the house always wins…”


Lucky dropped off the dirty plates in the kitchen and picked up another food order.

“Is it always this busy?” he asked the restaurant manager.

He smiled: “In the holidays? Yes, Lucky, it always is. Besides, folks want to see an honest to goodness race car driver serving them their lunches!”

Lucky smiled. “I won’t be one for much longer if I can’t raise that money!”

The restaurant manager sighed.

“I do worry about all these people being here at the same time. We need to keep them safe. Our resort manager is working up a plan to make sure we have enough security staff, that we can communicate properly, and that we assess any threats to these good people.”

Lucky nodded.

“I know the Grand Prix is doing the same. They’re talking to their counterparts in the United Kingdom because they have a new law coming into force there soon.”

The restaurant manager asked: “What’s that?”

Lucky replied: “Martyn’s Law, named after Martyn Hett who was one of the 22 inncocent people who died in the Manchester Arena attack in 2017. The new law requires security plans for venues like holiday resorts or sporting events where there will be crowds. It also says there should be proper training for staff, designated people to oversee inspections, and effective plans for communication in the event of an attack.”

The restaurant manager looked up from his accounts.

“We should do all that here,” he said. “Bet it’s a lot of paperwork, though.”

Lucky smiled. “I hear the Grand Prix is using online compliance software called Mango. It allows all staff to access records and information wherever there’s an internet connection.

“So there’s no need to keep mounds of paperwork.”

The restaurant manager smiled and pulled out a cocktail glass.“Well mango always was my favourite cocktail fruit! It’s time to get us some more Mango here!”

Lucky laughed. “I guess it is! Just a shame my arch rival driver seems to be in the lead when it comes to Rusty.”

The restaurant manager grinned.

“Oh, I wouldn’t give up just yet. I have a feeling you’ll overtake him in the last stretch…after you take those plates to table 15!”


You can find out more about Martyn’s Law (the Terrorism (Protection of premises) Bill) here:

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