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The importance of Training

Training is integral to the success of a business and is arguably the pre requisite to a productive workforce. 

What are the Benefits of Training?

  • Addresses Weaknesses: The use of personal development plans (PDPs) can help to identify areas of training required to help reduce weaknesses and provide targets and goals for your employee. This will increase the ‘buy in’ factor of your employees to your system and therefore enhance the knowledge of your workforce. 

  • Improve Morale: Employees will see training as a sign of job security and development. Importantly when your employee sees you making an investment in them they will be more inclined to contribute to the development of the organisation.

  • Increase Best Practice: If an employee is unaware of a process they will therefore act upon instinct rather than the procedural process. A good way of ensuring employees work the same way is to have Quality Awareness training at regular intervals throughout their employment.  

  • Increased Productivity: If your employee is appropriately trained, they will have a positive attitude to work and therefore reduce the numbers of non-conformers, this will lead to the company experiencing not only an increase in the output but also the quality of the product itself. 

Training Methods

Recording training 

Using a training plan such as the PDP and a skills matrix are tried and tested ways to ensure you can monitor the development of your employees and the expiry of their qualifications. Use the personal plan to set training targets and record the qualifications on the matrix. 


For more information about how training can positively impact your business and help your staff succeed, contact us / 029 2070 3328

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