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They're creepy and they're kooky - and the Addams family love Halloween all year round

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Wednesday looked solemnly at her family.

“I’m starting a new business,” she said.

Morticia smiled.

“That’s wonderful darling, what sort of business are you starting?”

Thing jumped up onto Wednesday’s chair and started drumming his fingers.

“Thing and I will be making Halloween decorations that we will sell in a unit in town all year round. Pugsley is helping me create a new website, Uncle Fester is sorting out all the lighting and shelving, and Lurch has offered to do some deliveries.”

Gomez looked up from reading his paper.

“That’s wonderful! An Addams family business!” he shouted.

He turned to Morticia and smiled.

“Cara Mia, aren’t you so proud of our little tycoon?”

Morticia smiled again.

“Of course! Spreading the gloom of the season all over town. My little gothic missionary.

“Now, Wednesday, you must remember there are many rules for every business to follow. You must abide by health and safety regulations, your staff must be trained, including Thing, and you must have your premises inspected for fire safety.

“Have you thought about all that paperwork?”

Wednesday stood with her hands clasped behind her back.

“Of course, Mother. It’s all in hand. I have Mango…”

Morticia recoiled in revulsion.

“Mango! What a terrible, dreadful thing, sweet, cheerful, brightly coloured. Absolutely revolting.”

Wednesday shook her head.

“No, Mother, not THAT kind of mango. I have the compliance software which allows me to keep all my records and policies online, so that I can access them at the shop and at home. It also means I won’t have all that paperwork to file.

“I also have the support of the consultants at Penarth Management who will help me ensure the business complies with all the rules.”

Morticia sighed.

“Ah, well, all that paper would have been a wonderful place for the spiders to build their webs, but never mind. We wish you all the best with it, don’t we Gomez?”

He smiled.

“Yes, we do. Go, spread the word about Halloween.”

Morticia nodded in agreement.

“Bon chance, ma petite…” she said as Wednesday and Thing left.

Gomez strode over to her.

“Tish…you’re speaking French…Querida!”

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