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Is your compliance High Fidelity? Get your retail business into the groove…

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Barry slid down the aisle at Championship Vinyl on his knees, playing air guitar.

Rob looked at him glumly, his head resting on his hand as he sat behind the counter.

“I know you love Sonic Death Monkey, Rob, so I’ve brought in our new double album…Well, it’s going to be our new double album when we finally get the music business to realise our genius!”

Rob grimaced.

“Great. I think you should have stick to your cover of Let’s Get It On…”

Barry glared at him.

“We did that for you and Laura. To help you get back together with her. And it worked, didn’t it?”

Rob nodded.

“Yes, it worked.”

Barry sighed.

“So why the long face now? Aren’t you finally happy?”

Rob snorted.

“I would be happy if it wasn’t for this enormous pile of paperwork that I let build up when Laura left me, and I tracked down all my old girlfriends. Now, I have to deal with building and fire department regulations, business insurance, staff training records, and the accident book.”

Barry looked at him sheepishly.

“I didn’t mean to throw the drum stool through the window. And it was only a small cut on my hand…”

Rob laughed.

“A small cut? You spent three hours in the emergency room getting it stitched!”

Rob sighed.

“Now that Laura’s back, I want to spend more time with her, take a few trips away. How can I do that when everything is in such a mess?”

Barry and Rob heard the trundle of skateboard wheels as Vince and Justin, aka The Kinky Wizards, pushed open the door and came into the store.

“These guys know everything there is to know about tech. Ask them if there’s anything they can suggest,” Barry said.

Vince shrugged.

“What do you need, dude?”

Rob told them.

Vince nodded and said: “Yeah, you need Mango. It’s online compliance software that will get ride of these piles of paperwork and you’ll be able to access it from wherever there’s an internet connection because it’s in the cloud.”

Barry raised his arms to the sky.

“The cloud!” he shouted.

Rob winced.

“How do you two know about this?”

Vince smiled.

“That’s what we came by to tell you. A major record label wants us to sign for them, and I know you put our first record out, but it’s big money, dude. They have this Mango software because their consultants Penarth Management suggested it, and they told us all about it.”

Rob scratched his head.

“OK then, I need Mango. What are the top five records to celebrate that with, Barry?”

Barry smiled.

“Mango Jam, Mango Groove, Mango Mangüé by Tito Puente, anything on the Mango record label…”

Rob sighed. This could go on for some time, he realised, and they had to put out new stock for Black Friday and deal with the Cyber Monday online offers.

He put Let’s Get It On on the turntable and turned up the volume…

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