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Plan-Do-Check Act lessons from Shrove Tuesday

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

When teaching people about management systems, we always consider the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

First, we plan to do something. In the case of making pancakes, we'll gather the ingredients (and find a recipe, if required).

Next, we enter the do phase. This is where we mix the ingredients to make the batter and cook our pancakes.

Oops. The pancake is on the floor following a failed-flip. The cat checks out the handiwork. Good job he likes pancakes! (So there's nothing wrong with the mixture, except for the fact that its lying on the floor instead of in the pan!)

Meanwhile, the chef, learning from her inability to flip a pancake takes correction action (or acts) by adapting the cooking technique to eliminate the need for a flip.

For more recipes from the compliance kitchen, subscribe to our You Tube Channel.

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