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New Year, New Systems...but where do you start?

Welcome to 2021, the year when having a strong bond with your ideal customers will be crucial for your business.

Think about everything we experienced last year and the fact we face several months more of restrictions and uncertainty while COVID-19 vaccinations are rolled out.

So, when the economy opens up again, having that kind of relationship with your customers will mean your business can get back on its feet quickly.

How can you build that bond? One excellent way is to focus on quality management and gain ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality management systems.

Essentially, give customers what they want.

What are the benefits of choosing ISO 9001?

We improve what we measure, don’t we?

So, measuring the quality of the goods or services we give to our clients will help you exceed clients’ expectations.

Increased customer satisfaction is one of the key benefits of implementing ISO 9001, as is achieving consistent results.

Anyone who runs a business will know that it’s easier to sell again to an existing customer than find a new one.

It’s easier to sell to that existing customer if they’ve had a good experience with your business.

Other potential ISO 9001 benefits include reducing operation costs, fulfilling your legal duties and avoiding costly investigations or court cases, improving the relationships with staff and people in your supply chain, fostering leadership and good decision-making, and getting that all-important competitive advantage.

After all, when people are looking for someone who does what you do, they want a business which has a track record of delivering excellence.

How can you achieve ISO 9001?

If you’d like a new start this new year, we can help you. We have a free essential checklist you can work through to ensure you implement ISO 9001 – from setting the target assessment date and choosing the certifying exam body to preparing an audit schedule.

All you have to do to get is click here.

If you’d like further advice on implementing ISO 9001 effectively, call us on 029 2070 3328 or email us on

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