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Is your event’s compliance the Nightmare Before Christmas? Jack Skellington says it doesn’t have to

“What’s this? What’s this…?

“There's colour everywhere…

“What's this...? “There's white things in the air…”

The Mayor of Halloweentown sighed and looked at Jack Skellington in despair.

“Oh no, I sense something very expensive and difficult to organise is coming, isn’t it Jack?”

Jack was too busy singing and dancing around.

“What's this? I can't believe my eyes…

“I must be dreaming…Wake up, Jack this isn't fair…

“What's this?”

“Ah come on Jack, we’re almost at Halloween now and things are going very well. All the organisation has been a dream compared to last year. We won’t let Dr Finkelstein produce the pageant after the incident with the spiders’ legs, will we?”

Jack was too busy looking down at Christmastown.

The mayor shook his head and pulled him back from the edge of the cliff.

“It’s not time for all that yet, Jack, we have our stuff to do first and we can’t have two Christmases!”

The mayor sat him down on a pumpkin.

“I know you’re sick and tired of doing everything yourself, and that’s why we got you some help. Sally is organising the pumpkin growing and spooky catering, the vampires are buying the drinks and organising a bartender, Mr Hyde is in charge of the entertainment and decorations, and we’ve given you the overall project manager role for the event.

“Plus, we’ve got you the perfect way to manage everything and be sure everyone is staying on the right side of the law. It’s called Mango.”

Jack looked up.

“Mango? Shouldn’t that be pumpkin?”

The mayor span his head to his happy face and laughed.

“Very good, Jack! I see your sense of humour is returning. That’s the ticket!”

Jack sighed.

“Christmas always looks so good, and we always look a little, er, messy and cobwebby and dirty.”

The mayor smiled again.

“That’s why people like us. We’re not trying to be anything we’re not, and they’re allowed to have fun, be a little messy, scare themselves, and get ready for the winter.”

Jack stood up.

“OK, Mr Mayor, show me this Mango!”

The mayor passed him a laptop and watched as Jack’s bony fingers hit the keys.

“It’s online compliance software that’s perfect for event organisers, Jack. You can keep records of your staff, their training, their qualifications like those in food safety and health and safety, copies of your public liability insurance and business insurance, an accident book, and any other records you need. No more wading through paperwork.

“You can also access all this from home, your holiday hotel, or at the Halloween café on your smartphone. And all your staff can have access to it, too. They won’t need to call you every five minutes to check up on things.”

Jack snapped shot the lid of the laptop.

“That sounds perfect!”

The mayor smiled.

“My friends and Penarth Management suggested it. Plus, there’s a secret they told me.”

The mayor looked both ways and whispered.

“Even Santa uses it…”

The bony smile on Jack Skellington’s face grew wider.

“It MUST be good, then…”


Find out how online compliance software like Mango benefits your events company. Book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom. We can help you achieve the ISOs your school needs, too. Call Penarth Management on 029 2070 3328 or email


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