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You don’t need any retail Hocus Pocus to give compliance your focus!

Dani stirred the metal cauldron and looked down at the melted candle wax.

She dropped some vanilla essence into it and stirred some more. Max walked in through the shop door and said: “Hi sis! It’s beautiful out there. Have you seen the colours on the trees?”

Dani laughed. “Yes, I have, but someone needs to run this candle making company while you’re out enjoying yourself.”

A customer came to the counter and handed Max a rose petal candle.

“This smells so wonderful!” the woman said.

“Thank you, it’s Dani’s perfume recipe.”

The woman smiled. “I love it. My granddaughter, though, she loves rock music, dragons, skulls, and all things black. I don’t suppose you sell any black candles? I couldn’t see any in here.”

Dani stopped in her tracks.

“No, ma’am, we don’t have any. It’s the one colour I just don’t like to make.”

“Oh, well, never mind. I’m sure I can find one from somewhere…”

Max smiled and asked: “Is it for something special?”

The woman nodded. “My granddaughter heard about that old wives’ tale about the Sanderson sisters and we’re planning to head up to their old place and light a black candle at midnight on Halloween. Should be some spooky fun.”

Dani shuddered. “Don’t do that! It’s a horrible old place, really creepy and nasty, full of snakes. I wouldn’t like you to be bitten.”

The woman smiled. “Well, we’ll be REAL careful…”

She left and Max looked at his sister.

“You know we’ve got to stop her. What if there’s still something left out there, some little bit of the curse we didn’t deal with?”

Dani sighed.

“I know. You go after her and I’ll finish up here and I’ll come and find you.”

Max ran after the woman and, as the shop doorbell clanged, Dani changed the sign to closed.

She turned off the wax, poured it into the waiting glass candle jars, and added the wicks. Then, she checked her computer to ensure her business insurance was up to date.

“Those Sanderson sisters, you never know with then. I need to make sure the shop insurance is valid, that everything’s in order should the authorities want to check up on us. We need to be complying with all the rules or those nasty sisters will find a way to ruin our business as well as turn us into cats like Binx.

“Thank goodness for our online compliance software, Mango. This will just take me a couple of minutes rather than a whole afternoon rifling through reams of paperwork. If something spooky happens to me or Max, the staff will be able to find everything and carry on.”

Dani pulled on her coat and checked the store one last time before she locked up.

As she walked away, a glass stone in the front of an old book on her shelf started to glow…


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