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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…no don’t say it! Call for Mango instead!

Lydia Deetz put down the paintbrush, sighed, and cast her eyes around her beautiful Connecticut home.

“Do you see, Adam and Barbara? It’s just like you planned.”

Adam laughed.

“Well not quite like we planned. We thought we’d have time to fill this house with our children. We didn’t know we’d have to deal with the car crash, the Waiting Room, the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, and…YOU KNOW WHO…”

Barbara shivered as she stirred Lydia’s stew.

“Don’t say it. JUST DON’T!”

Lydia laughed.

“That’s all over now. And, since I have the chance to buy this place and finally send my parents packing back to New York, I’ve had to come up with a way to pay the mortgage.”

Barbara sighed.

“We know. You need to run it as a bed and breakfast. After all, who doesn’t love Connecticut in the fall, eh?”

Adam nodded his head.

“We know, kid, you have to do it. I know we’ve all been ‘living’ under the same roof for a while now, but it will be much better when your parents move out. No more bizarre decor, no more strange music thumping through the walls…”

Barbara laughed.

“Who’d have guessed that ghosts can get headaches?”

Adam walked into the living room.

He sat at the table and looked at the open laptop.

“It’s amazing what you can do with these things now,” he said.

“You’ve got your B&B business plan, all your banking can be done on it, and you can manage ordering your food, your bookings, everything.”

Lydia sat down beside him.

“I can even manage all the things I need to put in place to make sure my B&B stays on the right side of the law. I can access my food hygiene certificates, ensure I follow the latest health and safety rules for guests, keep my accident book on it so I record anything that goes wrong, and keep on top of my public liability and business insurance.”

Barbara joined them.

“Honey, how can you do all that?”

Lydia smiled. “It’s in the cloud…”

Barbara frowned.

“That’s not near the Waiting Room, is it? There are plenty of strange characters hanging around up there…”

Lydia laughed.

“No, the cloud is the online computer system that keeps all your information. I have an online software package called Mango that lets me manage everything, even when I go into New York City for a stay with my parents. I just need to take my phone or my laptop.”

Adam scratched his head.

“In our day, a phone was attached to the wall and just for talking!”

Barbara agreed.

“Yes, honey, the world has moved on since we, er, moved on…”

Lydia closed the laptop.

“I had some help with it. My friends at Penarth Management suggested Mango and it’s been so useful.”

Barbara laughed.

“Well, honey, it’s the second-best decision you made. The best is marketing this house as a haunted property. You’re already getting bookings from across the USA – and Halloween week is booked solid.”

“Yes,” said Adam, “We promise to do our bit and scare them just enough. And, of course, we won’t be mentioning THAT person’s name ever again!”


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