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Human error is inevitable

Upstream errors can cause enormous downstream time delay and non-value-add cost. The idea of Poka-Yoke (error proofing) is that human mistakes are inevitable, but the system must ensure human errors do not become defects.

The concept was formalised by the Toyota Production System. Creating a Poka-Yoke involves identifying the error, finding the root cause and implementing a fail-safe. The goal is to engineer the process to ensure that the employees are made aware immediately that there is an error before it can cause a downstream issue.

Common Manufacturing Poka-Yoke’s are:

  • Colour Coding

  • Standardised containers

  • Machine guards

  • Safety Mats

  • Interlock Switches

This is one of many control methods that can be used as part of quality and health and safety control in your company.


For more information about how to use various control methods as part of your Management Systems, contact us / 029 2070 3328

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