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How your business could be saving the planet now - so WALL-E doesn’t have to!

Every day, the little robot picks up the trash, sorts through the rubbish, recycles the metals and glass, and deals with the mountain of plastic waste.

Sometimes, WALL-E thinks he is so alone, doing the same things day after day. Just following his programming.

He often releases air from his hydraulics that sounds like a sigh…

It’s such a big task for such a little robot. A whole planet to clean up.

When we watch on the long-range sensors, we sigh too.

Earth used to be such a beautiful planet, blue seas, green land masses, clouds…it was our favourite holiday spot. There was nowhere in the galaxy quite like it.

Oh, we had to be careful that the locals didn’t find out we were aliens, but that was half the fun! Rubbing shoulders with them in New York, Sydney, and Delhi was amazing, but we won’t go into that awful mess in Roswell…

After the humans realised they had messed up the planet so badly that they had to leave it, we went back for a final look. It broke our hearts – all seven of them.

Waste everywhere and just a few trash compacting robots left to sort it all out. Eventually, there was just one of those WALL-E robots left.

We tune into what he’s doing every now and then. Crushing old cars in what used to be the Las Vegas strip, grinding up old windows in the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

When the probe came looking for plant life, it was fascinating to watch WALL-E fall in love with it…her. EVE – what an apt name, we thought!

Finding that little seedling was wonderful. It brought a tear to all five of my eyes, I tell you.

Honestly, we were so INVESTED in this story. We booed the robot steering wheel and gopherbot stealing the plant to destroy it, just because their programming told them Earth must be abandoned forever.

We cheered when McCrea fought the AUTO steering wheel and when WALL-E and EVE rescued the seedling and danced around in space.

“This would never happen back home on Betelgeuse,” Lianna sniffed. “We’re far too protective of our environment. All our businesses are aware of their duties to the environment and most have the Intergalactic Standard for the environment, ISO 14001.”

I shook my head.

“I don’t think we can get complacent about it. Look what happened to the humans! We all must do our bit.

“Our interplanetary haulage business needs easy access to all our records to make sure we’re complying with the regulations, we must know what we must do to dispose of the different categories of waste, and we need to plan for the future. All that needs effective online compliance software like Mango. If the humans had all used it, they may not have needed to leave their planet.”

Lianna nodded.

“That’s true. It makes everything far simpler and helps us all protect our beautiful environment… Keeping documents online cuts down on paper waste, too.

“Now, where shall we have our picnic? There’s a lovely spot on one of Saturn’s rings…You did pack the flask, didn’t you?”

Need help getting your ISO 14001 standard for the environment? Call our consultants at Penarth Management on 029 2070 3328 or email Find out how online software like Mango helps your business stay on the right side of environmental law. Book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom.


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