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What do you need to prepare for a Star Trek? Mango, of course!

Kirk sighed and switched off the holographic display in front of him. He punched the keys on a communicator.


“Engineering, where is Mr Scott?”


A voice answered. “Here, Captain…”


Kirk sighed again.


“Do we have the dilithium crystals?”


Scott paused. “We do not, Captain, and I can’t repair the engine without them. We only have impulse power. We won’t be able to achieve warp speed.”


Kirk shook his head. There was always something, always a hitch somewhere in the logistics to get Enterprise ready for another mission.


“What’s the hold up, Mr Scott?”


Scottie replied: “A Klingon attack on a supply convoy in the neutral zone. The Federation is scrambling to send out more crystals but we’re in a long queue…”


Kirk rubbed his temples.


“There must be some way of hopping up that list, Mr Scott. We’re a starship, not a passenger ferry!”


Mr Spock looked up from his computer.


“Fascinating…” he muttered.


“What’s so fascinating, Mr Spock?”


Spock handed Kirk his tricorder.


“Take a look at this. The Yorktown is reporting no supply issues thanks to a new system it’s using to manage logistics.”


Kirk looked impressed: “What’s this system and why don’t we have it?”


“Mango, Captain. Not yet Federation approved, though we Vulcans have been using it for decades now.”


Kirk raised an eyebrow: “A somewhat whimsical name for Vulcan logistics software, Mr Spock…”


Spock shook his head. “Human online compliance software developed on Earth and recommended by our consultants at Penarth Management. We Vulcans adopted it because know a logical solution when we see one. It keeps all the relevant records online so we can access them from wherever we are in the universe. No more physical records stacking up on the Vulcan home world.”


Kirk read more.


“It’s not just useful for logistics. We could manage compliance with data protection, health and safety, and our environmental impact using Mango. It could transform our operations.”


Mr Scott’s voice added.


“Just think, Captain, it could automatically flag up when our stores of dilithium crystals were running low. We’d never need to run out again!”


Kirk smiled.


“There’d be no more need for this kind of drama! What would we do then, Mr Scott?”


Scottie laughed.


“Well, we could concentrate on controlling these Tribbles. They’re EVERYWHERE down here!”



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