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How Voyager found Mango in the Delta Quadrant

Captain Janeway walked to the replicator.


“Coffee. Strong. Black,” she ordered. The replicator delivered a steaming mug of hot coffee. Janeway sipped at it and winced.


The door alarm rang. “Come in,” she replied. Commander Chakotay walked into the Ready Room.


“Captain, good morning,” he said, noticing the coffee mug in her hand.


“It is now!” Janeway answered. Chakotay smiled. He knew better than to bother the captain before her first coffee of the day.


“Morning report, Commander.”


Chakotay pulled up a holographic report from his hand held computer.


“Most systems running smoothly. There’s an 

outbreak of Delta Quadrant flu in engineering but it’s under control and the doctor says his new vaccine will be ready in a few weeks.


“Neelix wants us to divert to this planet to pick up food supplies. That should cost us 12 hours, but he claims the dishes he’ll produce will be worth it.


“The doctor also wants to pick up plant life from this moon which he says can be used to create new painkillers that are more effective than those programmed into the replicators. His scans confirm the correct ingredients.”


Janeway nodded.


“It seems like everyone has a conflicting logistical priority, Commander.  How are we going to manage all this in limited time, and ensure Voyager’s security?”


Chakotay pulled up another file.


“In the Maquis, we used a system called Mango. It helped us to manage our very limited resources well and it can be used for so many things. We used this online compliance software to keep track of health and safety regulations, to ensure we abided by the rules on the environment, and to flag up when officers needed more training.”


Janeway sipped her coffee again. 


“I’m happy to learn from the Maquis if the idea’s good, and this seems like an excellent one. I presume we’ll all be able to access it from any part of the ship?”


Chakotay nodded. “Yes, of course.”


Janeway smiled: “What does your Mango say about sourcing better coffee? I’d like to find new coffees on new worlds and boldly go where no human coffee drinker has gone before!”


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