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When you make First Contact, take Mango with you!

Captain Picard woke up with a start.


He had dreamed about being Locutus of Borg again, controlled by the Borg Queen, implants all over his body.


He shuddered.


Enterprise would be reaching Earth soon and he knew that he and Worf on the Defiant would have to face down the biggest threat to humanity’s future. The Borg cube was already in orbit.


Picard met Riker on the Bridge.


“What’s the situation, Number One?”


Riker looked grim. “The Borg cube is withstanding whatever we throw at it. We’re running out of options.”


Picard pointed to a seemingly unimportant part of the cube. “Concentrate all fire there. Locutus knows how vulnerable this area is. Mr Worf, do the same with the Defiant…”


Worf’s image on screen shimmered. “Aye, Captain,” he replied.


The tactic was working. The Borg cube began to disintegrate…


A small vessel broke away from it and headed towards a temporal anomaly.


Riker warned: “Captain, they’re using the anomaly to time travel! They’re attempting to assimilate Earth before we had warp drive!”


Picard nodded. “Follow them. We must stop them.”





Zefram Cochrane needed the right fuel.


“Getting it is proving more and more difficult and so is getting the right parts for this new rocket,” he told his assistant.


Geordi La Forge smiled.


“You need Mango,” he said.


Cochrane shrugged. “You’re a funny guy! We haven’t seen mangoes around here since before the war…”


Geordi shook his head.  


“No, the online compliance software Mango. It’s a huge help with logistics, knowing what you need to source, when, and ensuring you meet your deadlines.”


Cochrane smiled. “Well, that would be great. This heap has been sitting here for months waiting for the right fuel for the propulsion system. I need to get it in the air to make some money.”


Geordi winced. The 24th Century Star Fleet engineer still wasn’t used to his 21st Century inventor hero being more worried about making money than changing history with the first human warp drive flight.


“Mango allows you to keep track of things wherever you are and all your team can access the documents they need. It’s also useful to ensure you comply with health and safety legislation, rules on the environment, and ensuring your training is up to date,” Geordi said.


Cochrane smiled. “We could do with all the help we can get.”


Geordi laughed: “Something tells me you’ll do just fine. I bet help’s out there just waiting to say hello!”


Geordi thought to himself: “I know it is! The Vulcans are just waiting for signs of a warp drive before they make First Contact…”


Cochrane slapped the side of the rocket and said: “We’ll see!”



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