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Helping your business care for the environment will also give you Happy Feet!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

It started with a little tap. Then another tap. Then a tap, tap, tap, tap, tap!

Pretty soon, I realised that I couldn’t stop tapping my feet. That I just HAD to dance. That even though everyone called me Mumble because I wasn’t very good at talking or singing, I WAS good at something.

The problem? Everyone wanted me to be good at something else. They didn’t want me sticking around and tap dancing while they sang their heart songs.

After all, how were we supposed to end the fish famine and deal with the way our snow and ice was being polluted if not by singing our hearts out?

I felt so sad when I swam out into the sea and away from the colony for the first time ever.

Then, I saw the things that were the cause of our fish famine and the pollution: humans.

I saw one of their boats taking thousands of fish out of the sea in their huge nets. One of their excavators spilled fuel and oil into our sea.

Lovelace even had a plastic six-pack ring wrapped around his neck he called his “sacred talisman”. I saw how the ice was melting fast.

All caused by humans.

I heard the driver of the excavator talking on his phone. “The company will have to pay for the clean-up operation,” he said. “It’ll cost us thousands. If only I’d had training in up-to-date environmental policies and practices and access to all our paperwork online with software like Mango! If only we’d been through the ISO 14001 accreditation process. We could have avoided this whole thing…”

When I went back to the colony and other penguins started to dance like me, it felt so good. It felt like they finally understood me.

The tap dance spread like wildfire! Soon, everyone was doing it, and even the humans were starting to notice.

They thought the dancing was caused by their overfishing.

One of them said: “Bang up the sign! No fishing.”

That made my feet dance with joy! If only all humans were looking out for the environment. That would give me permanently happy feet…

Want to tap into help in getting your ISO 14001 standard for the environment? Call our consultants at Penarth Management on 029 2070 3328 or email Find out how online software like Mango helps your business stay on the right side of environmental law. Book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom.


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