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Harry Potter’s first Christmas at Hogwarts - and the amazing online compliance software

Harry, Ron, and Hermione gasped as the door to the Great Hall at Hogwarts slowly opened.

“It looks amazing!” Hermione whispered.

The usual flaming candles had been replaced by even brighter candles surrounded by beautiful holly wreaths, with swags of pine, mistletoe, and ivy draped between them.

“It really feels like Christmas now!” Harry said with a grin.

They took their place on a bench on the long table for Gryffindor House, and gazed at the feast in front of them. Roast turkeys and geese were dotted along each day left, with fishes full of roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, and cauliflower.

Harry asked: “Don’t they eat sprouts here at Christmas?”

Ron put his finger to his lips.

“Shh! You mustn’t say that word. Those things are banned in magical circles. They suck the soul out of you quicker than a Death Eater!”

Hagrid walked towards them.

“Now then, young Harry, Ron, and Hermione, how has your first term at Hogwarts been?”

Harry grinned.

“Magic, Hagrid! And as delicious as all this food.”

Hagrid smiled.

“A lot of work goes into this feast, Harry. Before Professor Dumbledore took over at Hogwarts, the food was terrible and the Ministry of Magic was constantly fining the school for not meeting food hygiene standards.

“Professor Dumbledore really got a grip of things and put in a new compliance system called Mango. It keeps all our records and food hygiene certifications online in the cloud, so we can all access it wherever we are. Even in my cottage!

“If someone needs training, we can check that immediately. Plus, we can easily show the Ministry that we’re following the rules.”

Hermione frowned.

“So that also means you can get rid of a lot of paperwork.”

Hagrid nodded.

“Yes, young Miss, we can. Given the amount of candles we use here, that’s a good thing! Reduces the fire risk…”

Harry smiled.

“How did Professor Dumbledore know about Mango?”

Hagrid replied: “The compliance wizards at Penarth Management told us all about it. Now, the feast is about to begin, so I’d better take my seat. Enjoy your turkey!”

Ron picked up his cutlery.

“I’m planning to enjoy a lot of it!” Especially the pudding…”

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