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Don’t let your business Die Hard if something happens to your offices

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The building manager stood in front of Nakatomi Plaza with his mouth open. “It looks like a battlefield,” he said.

A car had smashed through the parking garage door, windows were out from explosions across the building, the roof had been blown up, and there were pieces of helicopter wreckage everywhere.

NYPD Detective John McClane shrugged his shoulders. LAPD Sergeant Al Powell shook his head.

“Hans Gruber and his men did a great job of messing up your building. Thank God we got the hostages out of there before they detonated the bomb,” McClane said.

Powell added: “Honestly, you haven’t seen what those guys did to the INSIDE of the building yet…”

“Umm…I had to do a little damage of my own while I was rescuing them. Sorry about that.”

The building manager sighed.

“There’s going to be a lot of people who can’t work in there and I’m going to have to find them somewhere else to be quickly.

“We’re also going to need dozens of contractors, and a full investigation into how these guys got into the building in the first place.

“This whole thing is going to take MONTHS to recover from…Just the cost of extra security because the site’s now unsafe is making my head hurt.”

McClane put his hands in his pockets.

“Yep, anyone running an office building really needs to be on top of security, building safety, and have a business continuity plan if things go very wrong,” he said. “Does the Nakatomi Corporation have online compliance software, maybe Mango?”

The building manager sighed. “Not yet. They were planning to switch over to it after Christmas. So, we’ve probably got reams of papers destroyed in the building that we’ll have to replace from the source. Or reports will have to be filed again. That’s going to take up so much staff time.”

McClane nodded: “Yeah, my wife works there. She’s not looking forward to it.”

Sergeant Powell asked: “How would Mango be any better?”

McClane answered: “All your information is stored off-site in the cloud, and you can access it from anywhere. So, managers could just log in from home and find out what they need. My wife’s a big fan. She used it in her last job. Got turned onto it by the guys at Penarth Management. They’re consultants who help businesses assess their risks, understand their legal duties, draw up and implement policies, and test their processes.”

The building manager stowed his clip board under his arm. “Yes, it would have saved me so much time and stress. My cousin is running a shared office building and he swears by it.”

McClane clapped him on the shoulder. “Well, good luck, buddy. I have an appointment with my wife, a turkey, some ice-cold beer, and my favourite Christmas movie.”

Powell laughed: “What’s that?”

McClane winked. “Home Alone, of course…”

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