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#FindingsFriday: ISO 9001:2015 - Clause 5.3 Organisational roles, responsibilities and authorities

The Finding

The IMS manual issue 2 specified the management representative being the operations manager, a position no longer on the organogram.

Some Context to the Finding

The energy management company had held ISO 9001:2008 where there was a specific requirement for a Management Representative. Whilst the wording in ISO 9001:2015 no longer explicitly requires this function:

"Top management shall ensure that the responsibilities and authorities for relevant roles are assigned, communicated and understood within the organisation."

The issue is not with the reference to the Management Representative [which many organisations chose to keep], but with the fact that organisation chart had not been kept up to date as it was referring to a job title that no longer existed within the organisation.

The organisation had enjoyed significant growth, and as part of that growth, had undertaken significant restructuring, but had failed to keep the docmentated management system up to date.

Action taken to address the finding

  1. The organisation chart was updated.

  2. Procedures were reviewed and updated to ensure that they referred to the correct job titles.

  3. The company recognised the need to manage team changes more effectively.

Lessons to take from this finding

  1. A change in job title or role can impact on the management system.

  2. Management system documentation should be kept under regular review to ensure that it remains up to date.

  3. Organisational change needs to be managed effectively.


Using purpose built compliance software, like Mango, can help to manage changes to job roles and responsibilities.

  • The human resources module allows you to create positions.

  • Skills can be attached to the positions.

  • Job descriptions can be added to the positions (or saved as documents).

  • When setting up a new employee, you can only select from pre-defined positions [it's easy enough for people with the correct permissions to create new ones in the system administration area where necessary] which will help ensure that teams identify any discrepancies between existing and new posts when new starters are added.

  • The Management of Change module can be used to capture all of the tasks associated with changing employee job titles and team structures, including the need to update relevant documentation.

  • The compliance module allows you to signpost evidence of how you address each clause of the Standard.

Find out more about how Mango makes it easy to manage organisational roles and responsibilities by calling us on 029 2070 3328 or book a free demonstration.

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