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#FindingsFriday: ISO 14001:2015 - Clause 6.2 Environmental objectives and planning to achieve them

The Finding

Warehouse - the company is seeking quotes for PV on the south facing roof. This would be useful to record as an objective.

Some Context to the Finding

A company undergoing their Stage 1 assessment described their plans to invest in photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels on the south facing roof of their large warehouse facility. At the time of the assessment, the company had not recognised or documented that this represented an environmental improvement objective.

Action taken to address the finding

  • The intention to install photo-voltaic solar panels was recognised as representing a environmental improvement objective and was documented as such, which in turn ensured that progress was kept under regular review at Management Review Meetings.

  • Quotes were subsequently obtained, and represented the first stage in a project to install solar panels.

Lessons to take from this finding

  1. When implementing a new environmental management system, remember to recognise any existing improvement projects that are ongoing and ensure that they are fully captured within the system.

  2. Whilst some improvement objectives may be quickly and easily implemented, other will involve several steps (and ptentially lots of different members of the team). In this example, obtaining the quotes was just one part of programme. Other steps included:

    1. Reviewing quotes

    2. Calculate return on investment

    3. Recommend a solution to the management team

    4. Appoint the contractor

    5. Review contractor risk assessments

    6. Deliver site induction to the contractor

    7. Remove waste off site

    8. Compare usage data pre and post installation


Mango makes it easy to manage big changes like this one. There is a Management of Change module which allows you to keep track of all the indivudal tasks, and who has to do what and when.

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