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Finding out about World Environmental Day doesn’t have to be a Carry On!

Cora looked up from her Wundatours brochure.

“Here, Vic, are you sure this is a good idea? After all, it’s been 50 years since we went on that package holiday to Elsbels and that was a bit of a disaster, wasn’t it? We’re all getting on a bit now, too, well, those of us who are left.”

Vic laughed his trademark filthy laugh.

“You’re still worried about me and Sadie, aren’t you?”

Cora sniggered.

“Don’t be daft, Vic, she’s been happily married now for decades…and you’re too old to catch her these days!”

Vic looked crestfallen.

“All right, don’t rub it in…”

Cora looked back down at her brochure.

“This trip to Sweden sounds wonderful. The islands, the laid-back people, pottering around Stockholm…”

Vic nodded.

“And every Wundatours trip we’ve taken since has been such fun. So many great memories with the old gang. They still laugh about it and call that first holiday Carry On Abroad,” he replied.

“Besides, Lily and Marge want us to go to the World Environment Day conference when we’re there. Since they took over the pub from us, they’ve been wanting to learn much more about how businesses like theirs can help to protect the environment. Lily keeps telling me that there’s only one Earth and our grandchildren and their kids deserve the chance to enjoy it. They’re working with Lily’s friends at Penarth Management to get the international standard for the environment, ISO 14001 and they’ve been looking at their supply chain to ensure it’s as green sustainable as possible.

“Co-incidentally, the first World Environmental Day was held in 1972…the same year we went off to Elsbels.”

Cora sighed.

“Yes, and since then we’ve had the opportunity to go to some fabulous places. These days, though, I’m quite happy with a day out on the beach at Southend or Margate.”

Vic laughed.

“Well, that helps cut down your carbon footprint! As we haven’t been anywhere for a couple of years, I think we can allow ourselves the trip. Besides, we’re doing it the less damaging way…trains and ships and no planes. Let’s just hope we don’t run into the Swedish version of Pepe and Floella.”

Cora shuddered.

“Yes! We don’t have time for their chaos. We’ll have a lot to learn and tell the girls when we come home, won’t we? It’s so important for businesses to understand environmental rules and the reasons for them. Customers want pubs to be sustainable, to ensure their ingredients from sustainable stocks, that their waste is dealt with efficiently and properly, and that they reuse and recycle wherever possible. How they keep on top if it amazes me.”

Vic said: “Ah, well it’s all in the cloud these days, or that’s what Marge says. They have this online compliance software called Mango and it’s transformed things for Marge. She says she can access it from wherever she is – the pub, at home, or at the beach. Staff can access it too, and there’s no worrying about paperwork going missing.”

“Sounds great, Vic. Shame we didn’t have it in our day! Though, of course, it was generally YOU who went missing…”

Vic grinned weakly.

“You always found me, my love. You ALWAYS found me!”

We’ll help you make sure your business is sustainable and complying with the environmental rules. Call on our experts at Penarth Management on 029 2070 3328 or email We can help you achieve ISO 14001 too. Find out how online compliance software like Mango also benefits your business. Book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom.

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