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Why we're extending our internal environmental auditor training resources

When Covid-19 first caused the country to go into lockdown, training was initially put on hold.

As time went by, training courses started to get booked again, initially, with some content being delivered exclusively online.

Now, we are finding that whilst many people prefer the class based experience, for some organisations, online is here to stay, either in its entirety or as part of a hybrid delivery; with some parts of the course being delivered online, leaving perhaps just the practical elements to be done in person.

When delivering courses in a classroom, tutors will often use a flipchart or board to capture ideas or sketch out site plans to help learners understand key points. That's not so easy to do online, so we've been creating additional resources for our upcoming ISO 14001 internal environmental auditor courses.

Let us know if you recognise which environmental activist inspired the choice of name for our fictious river! (Answers to

If you are looking to book an internal environmental auditor course see for details of our public courses, or email to discuss having a course delivered at your own premises.

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