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What’s the best way to fulfill the Santa Clause? Good elf and safety, of course!

Santa Scott hissed at his son, Charlie: “Stay down, son. I’ve used up all of my magic trying to find a Mrs Christmas because of the second Santa clause, and Toy Santa has already tied us up once. We need the element of surprise…”


The elf army was hidden behind carts, in doorways and windows, and some were even camouflaged in the snow.


Scott whispered: “Snowballs ready. On my command…NOW!”


The elf army led by Bernard sprang into action, throwing the snowballs at Toy Santa’s army of toy soldiers.


Scott nodded. “Bernard has this under control. It’s time you and I found Toy Santa and his trainee reindeer…”


The pair ran off and found the crashed sleigh with a very embarrassed Chet the reindeer.


“Toy Santa, I’m taking back the North Pole,” Scott said.




A few hours later, Scott was marrying Carol thanks to Mother Nature, and he was regaining his Santa magic. His hair became white again, his belly grew, and his ho ho ho rang out across the ice and snow.


The new Mrs Christmas handed her husband a package. “Just a little wedding present,” she said with a smile. 


Scott opened it and found a Christmas jumper with a reindeer on the front. It’s red nose glowed.


“Bernard helped me,” she said.


Scott grinned. “A Christmas present, too! I love it. I have to run, though, as it’s Christmas Eve and you know what I have to do!”


Mrs Christmas nodded.


“I know. When you get back, I need to talk to you and Bernard about how the North Pole operates. It seems to me that we could do better when it comes to elf and safety!”


Scott and Bernard groaned. That line was worthy of a Christmas cracker!


Bernard pulled out a laptop and showed it to Mrs Christmas.


“We agree. We’re working with our friends at Penarth Management to improve our systems and achieve IOS standards for the environment, food safety, business continuity, all the areas of regulation that impact the North Pole.


“We’ve also streamlined our processes and made things much simpler with the online compliance software they recommend, Mango. 


“It allows all of us to access records held in the cloud from wherever there’s an internet connection, in the North Pole or when Santa’s visiting his home in the USA.


“Mango saves us so much time and there’s far less paperwork cluttering up Santa’s office.”


Mrs Christmas nodded in approval.


“You’re on top of everything, Bernard, and this technological innovation isn’t going to try to take the North Pole from the real Santa.”


Bernard blushed.


“Yes, we’re all embarrassed by that one!” he said, waving to Santa’s sleigh as it sped across the sky. 



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