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The Empire strikes back. . . at all that paperwork!

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far from here, a band of dedicated staff were struggling to cope with the increasing demands of paperwork from running the Empire’s fleet.

Admiral Ozzell’s office had become a vast mound of documents.

“This can’t go on,” he said, his head in his hands in despair.

The office doors slid open and Ozzell heard the familiar breathy sound. It was Darth Vader.

Ozzell snapped to attention.

“Lord Vader, how may I help you?” he asked.

Vader paused.

“The Emperor needs to know you’re on top of the paperwork to meet the health and safety, environmental, and information security regulations,” he said.

Ozzell pushed the papers behind him.

“I know it looks bad, bit I am on it,” he replied.

Vader stepped closer.

“That’s hard to believe. There is a better way…”

Ozzell braced himself for the Force choke…

“Mango,” said Vader.

“Mango?” Ozzell replied.

“Yes, the online integrated management system which gets rid of the need for all this messy paper, allows staff to access it wherever they need to, and helps you ensure we meet all our compliance obligations.”

Ozzell took a look at Mango and what it did, its integration of all compliance systems, simple recording of policies and best practice, its incident reporting systems, and felt a weight lifting from his shoulders. The next Imperial audit would be SO much easier!

“But won’t implementing Mango for our systems cost us too much?” said the Admiral.

“I find your lack of faith disturbing,” said Vader. “In fact, my calculations say it could well save us money because it will save our staff time searching for documents, filing them, dealing with duplication, and taking them between different ships.

“It could even save us enough money to make a start on that major new building project…”

To find out more about how you could make use of Mango in your organisation, book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom.

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