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Can Citizen Smith go green for Earth Day? He can with Mango!

Wolfie Smith adjusted his beret and pulled on his coat.

“Shirl! I’m off to my meeting…” he shouted.

Shirley emerged from the kitchen.

“Our Flo said she’d meet you there,” Shirley replied.

Wolfie groaned.

“How many times do I have to tell her? The Tooting Popular Front is not the forum for her little recycling project. We have a revolution to plan!”

Shirley sighed.

“Saving the planet is hardly a little recycling project, Wolfie. Besides, she’s your granddaughter. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree, did it?”

“Ha! She’d better pick up that windfall and recycle it!” Wolfie said, leaving the house and slamming the door behind him.


Flo pointed to her poster.

“This Earth Day, the target is to reduce plastic production by 60% by 2040 and I think we should all get behind it,” she said.

The Tooting Popular Front members murmured.

Wolfie stood up and said: “How does this advance the cause of the working classes, comrades? I ask you!”

Flo glared at him.

“There’ll be no working classes or any other classes if we don’t combat climate change, granddad…”

Wolfie winced.

“We address each other as comrade in this organisation, comrade…”

Flo laughed.

“OK, comrade granddad, we need to reduce plastic production to reduce emissions and reduce plastic pollution in our seas and landfills. I’ve got a proposal for the borough council and local businesses to help them do that and I need your support,” she said.

“The Tooting Popular Front may be small but it holds the balance of power and could make all the difference in the council chamber.”

Wolfie smiled. That one council seat is vital now the other parties are tied, he thought. Only took 40 years of local campaigning!

Flo shrugged.

“If you don’t support the plan, we’ll have to take direct action. We’ll picket your local boozer and put posters up across from your favourite charity shops.”

Wolfie smiled. That’s my granddaughter, he thought.

“Who’s we?” he asked.

“The Tooting Environmental Front,” she replied.

“And we’ll start by seizing the plastic ‘shark teeth’ necklace you bought grandma. She’s still waiting for her ring!”

Wolfie sighed.

“What’s in this plan, then?”

Flo passed him a folder.

“Mango,” she said.

“The most bourgeois of all the fruits,” Wolfie replied.

Flo laughed.

“No, Mango the online compliance software. It’ll help the council and businesses keep track of how they’re cutting demand for plastics and comply with environmental regulations. They could also get ISO 14001!

“Mango cuts down on paperwork, too, so it even reduces waste paper.”

Wolfie looked at the documents.

“Interesting. Keeps all the information in the cloud. Anyone with an internet connection can access it. Even when your grandma and I go camping. The campsite has WiFi now you know…”

Flo smiled.

“Glad to have your support, comrade. Now…about that dodgy Afghan coat…”

Find out how Mango’s online compliance software could help your business or organisation meet its environmental goals. Book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom. We can help you achieve the ISOs you need, too. Call Penarth Management on 029 2070 3328 or email

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