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Meet the Flintstones, the modern stone age workers who know the value of health & safety

Barney Rubble looked at his swollen toes and rubbed his hair.

“Hey, Fred, how come the guys at Boulder City Gravel never get injured like we do? I’m tired of having heavy rocks fall on my toes.”

Fred jumped down from his rock crusher. “Ouch! It’s because their boss, Gary Granite, knows how important it is to make sure there is good health and safety at work. He had them all working to get ISO 45001, the international standard for occupational health and safety management.”

Barney rubbed his toes and said: “What does that mean, Fred?”

“They learned all about how important health and safety is, why they need to look at the risks in their quarry, how to assess those risks, and what’s needed to keep the staff safe, like hard hats made from turtle shells and boots made from T-rex ribs and brontosaurus hide to protect their toes.”

Barney laughed. “That sounds great, Fred. Where can we get some?”

Fred put his arm around Barney’s shoulder and said: “Well now, Barney, the person who should be getting us those boots is Mr Slate. He runs the Bedrock Quarry & Gravel Company, and he has a legal duty to keep us safe.

“What if something bad happened to me and you? How would Wilma and Betty cope? What about Pebbles and Bam Bam? They’d need help and the company would be liable. So, it’s in Mr Slate’s interest to make sure he does all he can to keep us healthy and safe!”

Barney nodded. “It sure is, Fred. So, what are we doing to do about it…?”

Fred grinned. “I’m already on the case, Barney my boy! I talked to Mr Slate about all this last month, and he agrees. In fact, he’s got Ms Stone from Penarth Management coming in to help us get accreditation for ISO 45001. She says we can use Mango to help us.”

“Never heard of that dinosaur, Fred. Is he like Dino?”

Fred laughed. “No, Barney, it’s not a dinosaur…it’s a special bird that pecks all our information into stone tablets which are then stored in the clouds…I THINK!”

Barney jumped for joy.

“Yabba dabba doo, Fred! Ow! I forgot my toes hurt!”

Fred shook his head. “Ah come on Barney, that’s MY line!”

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