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Mango keeps health & safety sweet for Matilda

Matilda pushed the box of chocolates towards Miss Honey.

“I couldn’t eat a single chocolate more!” she said, with a sigh.

Miss Honey smiled.

“Easter is much nicer now that we can enjoy chocolates together,” she said.

“My aunt banned them. She wouldn’t let me eat anything sweet. But this year, I’ve bought us both our own personalised Easter eggs.”

Matilda laughed.

“Thank you, Miss Honey. I know I’m grown up now, but I’ll always be happy to receive an Easter egg from you.”

Miss Honey poured them both some tea and Matilda sipped from her cup.

“Delicious…” she said.

Miss Honey looked over her new glasses and smiled.

“Now, Matilda, you were telling me about your new idea for a chocolate manufacturing business.”

Matilda put down her cup.

“I have premises lined up and funding and I’m getting through all the rules and regulations we’ll have to abide by. Health and safety will be so important for the staff and the customers.”

Miss Honey nodded.

“Sounds like that will entail a great deal of work. Can I help you with it? We have a couple of weeks off from school over Easter.”

Matilda shook her head.

“Honestly, everything is in hand. I did some reading and found some compliance consultants at Penarth Management, and they’ve been really helpful."

"They suggested online compliance management software called Mango that lets me keep everything in the cloud. Look, I can access it here through your Wi-Fi…”

Matilda showed Miss Honey the Mango app on her phone. She already had records of business insurance, her lease, the staff training in health and safety she’d need to carry out, and even the PAT test renewal date for her equipment.

“Wonderful! No more piles of paperwork, too…” Miss Honey said.

She took off her glasses and looked at Matilda.

“I should have known you’d find the perfect solutions. You always were so smart.”

Matilda blushed.

“Of course, I’m also planning my own chocolate recipe book. I’ve been writing it for months.” she said.

Miss Honey grinned.

“I knew there’d be a book in your life somewhere, Matilda. I can’t wait to try out those recipes!”

Life’s so sweet these days, Matilda thought.

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