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The Rise of the Guardians left the Easter Bunny in a health and safety pickle!

The Easter Bunny sighed.

“Jack, your time’s over for the year. It’s spring now and it’s time for ice and snow to thaw.”

Jack Frost scowled down at his fellow Guardian of Childhood.

“People love snow. They like it so much they take whole days off from work and school called snow days!

“They put on their ice skates and go skating, strap on their skis and go skiing. They get sad when the snow melts and turns to slush.”

The Easter Bunny kicked away a chocolate egg in frustration.

“In the winter, Jack! In the spring they like to walk around blossom trees and hunt for colourful eggs!

“How can they do that if there’s snow still on the tree branches and it’s so slippery it’s dangerous?”

Jack shrugged.

The Easter Bunny went on: “I have factories full of helpers painting the eggs and making the chocolate eggs ready for Easter. But I’ve had one forklift truck accident on the ice today and three of my workers slipped on the icy gantry last week. This has to stop! No sooner do we put down grit and sand to clear away ice than you’re back blowing a wintry gale and freezing things again.”

Jack looked sad.

“Are the workers OK?” he asked.

“Luckily, just a few scrapes and bruises,” the Easter Bunny replied.

“But we have a duty of care to our people and we have to ensure we comply with all the health and safety regulations for manufacturers.

“Every accident causes a mountain of paperwork, and that’s without all the training records and insurance documents we need.”

Jack looked up at the Easter Bunny.

“I’m sorry, Bunny. I get sad when my time’s over and I have to go back to my lair until next winter.”

Bunny sighed.

“I know. It has to be done, though.”

Jack nodded.

He said: “I do know something that might help you. I was freezing a stream when I heard two people talking about Mango.”

Bunny looked confused.

“That’s definitely more summer than spring, Jack…”

There was a shower of frost as Jack laughed.

“No, not the fruit, Bunny. It’s online compliance software that allows you to store everything in the cloud. No more piles of paperwork!

“You and your workers will also be able to access it wherever you need to with internet provision. Even the Tooth Fairy has that, these days.”

Bunny was impressed.

“Great idea, Jack. It’ll also be useful if there’s an audit. I wonder if it could set reminders for insurance renewal and that sort of thing…”

Jack smiled.

“Wouldn’t be surprised! Talk to the people I overheard from Penarth Management. They’ll know.”

The Easter Bunny thumped his leg.

“I will! See you next year, Jack…It’s time you hopped it!”

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