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We know Who Framed Roger Rabbit, now who’s ensuring Toon Town’s health & safety?

Eddie Valiant pushed back his trilby, sat back into his chair, and put his feet up on the toon bench in front of him.

“Hi, Eddie!” it said, waving up at him.

“Hi, Benny!” Eddie replied with a smile.

Who’d have thought he’d ever feel this comfortable in Toon Town?

Now that the toons owned the town, and the evil Judge Doom had been wiped out by Dip, things were a little less crazy than before.

Easter was almost here, the sun was shining, and Eddie spotted one of his favourite Easter bunnies…

Jessica Rabbit sashayed down the street and came to a hip grinding halt in front of the bench.

“Eddie! Roger wants you to come to the screening of his new movie tonight. He’s even bought you some popcorn.”

Eddie winced.

“Now is that popcorn for humans or just a drawing of popcorn like the last time?”

Jessica laughed.

“He’s learned his lesson! Besides, now that Toon Town is a legitimate tourist destination, we’ve been making sure we have all sorts of things for human visitors.”

Eddie stood up.

“I’ll be there! I have to go over to the Acme Corporation to talk to them about complying with human health and safety regulations. They’re planning on selling to humans and even employing a few of us. So, no more contraptions that don’t do what they say they’ll do and no more exploding bombs in boxes!”

Jessica replied: “Wile E. Coyote will be so pleased…though I can’t say the same for the Road Runner."

"Seems to me that humans take health and safety far more seriously than we toons do. There’s World Health and Safety Day on April 28th, for example.”

Eddie nodded.

“We sure do! There’s going to be a lot more paperwork around here…”

Jessica shook her head.

“Oh no, Eddie. We have that covered by Mango.”

Eddie laughed.

“Your crazy fruit stunts are not gonna fly outside of Toon Town!”

Jessica sighed.

“No, the online compliance software Mango. We’re not in the Dark Ages here, Eddie. We know that keeping our records and reports in the cloud saves space and all the staff being able to access it wherever there’s an internet connection saves time. It’s less stressful than hunting through piles of paper or having to drive for miles to check something.”

Eddie was impressed.

“You toons have been doing your homework!”

Jessica replied: “We have. Especially down at Acme Corporation. Manufacturers like them have strict regulations to follow - which keeps the authorities happy. They had some help with it from our new friends at Penarth Management.“

"Did you know Acme has a new product, Eddie? Toon Town voice changers that bring out your inner toon voice. You should try one out, Eddie.”

He snorted.

“Does it blow up in my face? No? OK…What’s the betting I’d sound more like Roger than your husky voice?”

Jessica blushed.

“We’ll, now Eddie, I can’t help how I sound. It’s just the way I’m voiced…”

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