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Mamma Mia, that Mango online compliance software is great for business!

These days, the Hotel Villa Donna is doing pretty well.

The days of it struggling seem to be long gone, now that Donna’s daughter Sophie has decided to come back and help run it after her year travelling the world.

“We’re the best independent hotel on Kalokairi. The world’s biggest travel guide says so. It’s official!” Sophie was jumping up and down with joy.

“Yes, they do, don’t they?” said Donna, smiling.

“That review is bound to get lots more people booking with us next summer,” Sophie said.

“We’ve been talking about taking a mother-daughter holiday for so long. If we don’t do it now, we might not get the chance for years.”

Donna smiled.

“You’re so right and I’m ready for a trip to Thailand or Australia, or Peru, or India!”

It was all that Donna could think about.

“We could even leave Sam, Harry, and Bill in charge for a month.”

Sophie started surfing the internet for travel ideas.

“Ooh, Canada. What about seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland or Norway?”

Donna shrugged.

“All of it! There is a problem, though. None of your fathers are very good with paperwork and keeping on top of things like that. It’ll be hell when we get back. And what if something goes wrong with Villa Donna when we’re halfway up the Inca Trail and the boys can’t find the right documents?”

Sophie smiled.

“I knew you’d say that, so I’ve been researching online compliance software called Mango. It’s perfect. We can store all our documents in it so all our staff can access them whenever they’re needed, and we could even access them ourselves online from our hotel in Cusco.”

Donna gave her a thumbs up.

Sophie continued: “It’s brilliant for storing everything we need to comply with international standards for food safety, health and safety, the environment, business continuity, and dealing with personal information. We’ve just achieved two ISOs and we were planning on gaining more, weren’t we?”

Donna nodded: “Well, yes, we were. They do reassure our visitors and suppliers.”

Sophie showed Donna the Penarth Management website.

“There are lots of answers here. We could get consultants in to help us with that, couldn’t we?”

Donna laughed.

“Yes, we could. Let’s organise it before we go away, so I have some peace of mind and won’t have to be shouting ‘Mamma Mia, here I go again…’ every time one of the boys Skypes us!”

Sophie grinned.

“No, you’ll be a Dancing Queen and they’ll be able to ask you to ‘Take A Chance On Me’…”

Be a Super Trouper and comply with the rules even while you’re away, Call Penarth Management on 029 2070 3328 or email Find out how online compliance software like Mango also benefits your business. Book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom. We can help you achieve the ISOs your business needs, too


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