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We’re all going on a Summer Holiday…

Don clapped his hands together in joy.

“We ARE going on a summer holiday! I’ve persuaded the bosses to lend us this double decker and I plan to drive it to the sun! No more working at this bus depot for a week or two…”

Steve and Edwin grinned.

“Where?” Edwin asked. “Where will we be driving it?”

Don laughed. “Wherever we want. Rome, Paris…Cannes…”

Steve pulled off his overalls and jumped up onto the back step of the bus.

“Single to the south of France, please! And no stopping until we get there…”

Steve rang the bell in delight.

“Now, come on boys, we’ll have to stop and refuel. Plus, we want to see EVERYTHING, live a little, don’t we?”

Edwin laughed.

“As long as the sun’s shining, I don’t mind,” he said.

Don sighed.

“There’s just one thing. We have to take all this paperwork with us. Insurance documents for all of us, records of how the bus has been serviced, and a list of parts we might need if something goes wrong. Agreeing to that is the only way I could get them to lend us the bus. They said they have to comply with health and safety regulations and comply with other legal duties as a business,” he said.

“Wow, that’s a boot load of paperwork,” Steve said.

“That’ll take up a lot of room and what if some of it goes missing?”

Don nodded.

“Yes, I know. I wish there was a way to get at the information we need wherever we are. Some way we could just push a button and get everything we need right in front of us.”

Edwin laughed.

“You’d think someone would have invented that by now. It IS the 1960s…”

Don jumped up onto the back of the bus with Steve.

“Just imagine…This bus could be a time machine to a time when everyone has a machine in their homes connected to everywhere in the world, where documents can be stored without keeping the paper, where you could communicate with anyone you’d like.”

Edwin shook his head.

“Hey, careful now, that would mean they can contact us when we’re on our holiday!”

Don laughed.

“Yes, but they wouldn’t need to because they could find everything they need in their machine!”

Steve rang the bell again.

“Here, come on! We’ve got packing to do…”

A week later, in Greece, Don walked along the harbourside and nodded to the sailors unloading their ship.

“Where have you come from?” he asked.

“Brazil!” the sailor shouted.

Don picked up some fruit he’d never seen before.

“What do you call this?” he asked.

“Mango!” the sailor replied. “Try one.”

Don smiled and sliced the mango open.

“Now that would be a great name for something…a band? No, not a band. Something really useful…ah, it’ll come to me…”

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