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Will you be able to switch off from business and go Dirty Dancing?

Johnny held Baby above his head.

They had nailed that lift at last! Even Baby’s parents were beaming with pride after that performance.

As Johnny gently put Baby down, Dr Houseman held out his hand. Johnny couldn’t believe it. Baby’s father was going to shake his hand! It was a miracle.

“Nice lift,” Dr Houseman said with a wry smile.

Johnny took his hand and shook it, smiling.

“Thank you.”

Dr Houseman nodded. “You were right. No one is EVER going to put Baby in the corner, not even me.”

Johnny laughed.

“You know she’s going to the Peace Corps in the fall, don’t you?”

Johnny nodded.

“I know. I’d never stand in her way.”

Dr Houseman nodded back at him.

“So, what are your plans?”

Johnny sighed. “I want to open my own dance school in the city. I’ve always wanted to run my own business, and Baby’s helped me see I really could do it.”

The doctor was impressed.

“Ambition. I like that. Running a business is no picnic, though. There’s so much paperwork, so many rules to learn, regulations to understand. It’s the same in my medical practice. Health and safety, keeping people’s information secure, environmental regulations, business continuity to worry about…”

Johnny laughed.

“Stop! You’ll put me off.”

Dr Houseman grinned.

“It’s worth it though, son, it really is. To be your own boss. And I get a lot of help with my practice’s compliance from a team of experts at Penarth Management. They helped get our international standards, ISOs, and they helped us find a brilliant way of keeping our records accessible at all times, even from home or from here.

“Something about a cloud and a mango? I leave that to the Practice Manager. All I know is that whatever they do gives me the peace of mind to take a holiday in the Catskills every year.”

Johnny nodded.

“I’ll definitely need some help. I’m planning to have the time of my life running my own business!”

Baby groaned.

“You two have more in common than you thought. Starting with bad jokes!”

We’ll help you comply with the rules while you’re away, whether you’re running a dance studio, a medical practice, a factory, or an office. Call Penarth Management on 029 2070 3328 or email We can help you achieve ISOs your business needs, too. Find out how online compliance software like Mango also benefits your business. Book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom.

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