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Is Charlie’s chocolate factory ready for a school visit? It’s time the oompa loompas got Mango!

Charlie Bucket pushed the pile of paperwork off his desk and sighed.

Ever since Willy Wonka had stepped into the glass elevator and flown off for his round-the-world trip, Charlie had been wrestling with some big problems.

“The school trips are booking up in September and October, but I’m worried about all those children wandering around and our health and safety,” the chief oompa loompa said.

Charlie nodded. “Well, yes, my own tour of this place showed that our health and safety practices needed a total overhaul. Augustus Gloop in the river of chocolate, Mike Teevee being shrunk in the television room, Violet Beauregarde turning…well, violet! And, of course, Veruca Salt ending up in that rubbish chute…

“I know we’ve done a lot of work ever since then, but I think we need some expert external eyes on the place to ensure we’ve done everything by the book,” Charlie said.

The chief agreed.

“You could do with a hand with all that paperwork, too. Service logs for the machines, training reports for the staff, ensuring you have an incident and accident book that’s up to date, complying with everything you need to get the international standards for health and safety, environment, and food safety,” the chief added.

“Ah!” Charlie said. “I’ve been doing some research thanks to our friends at Penarth Management. We need Mango!”

The chief looked at Charlie and shook his head. “Now come on Mr Bucket, you know we’re all ORANGE! You don’t need to rub it in with terrible jokes! That’s discrimination, that is…”

Charlie laughed. “No! Mango, the online compliance software. It looks after all your records in the cloud, so you don’t need mounds of paperwork like this. You can access it wherever you are, whether you’re in the factory or at home, or even on a trip in the glass elevator as long as you have your mobile phone.”

“Ah!” the chief said. “I see! No more trying to find paper records that have been lost in the boat or the lemonade room…Would the oompa loompas be able to access the software too?”

Charlie jumped up from his seat: “Yes, of course. That would ensure the whole team is up to date and in the loop. Great idea!”

The chief smiled. “Just one thing, though. Do you REALLY want Willy Wonka to have access to Mango from the glass elevator? You know how fond Mr Wonka is of his little ‘pranks’…”

Charlie smiled back. “Well, now, maybe you’re right. Perhaps Mr Wonka deserves a well-earned break without being disturbed by anything here. After all, I’m sure we can handle everything in the chocolate factory.”

He put on his top hat and picked up his cane.

“Now, chief, let’s go and inspect those never-ending gobstoppers…”

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