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If you’re building an ark like Evan Almighty, you’ll need ISO 45001!

Congressman Long looked at the construction site and laughed. “I’m so going to shut this down today,” he told his aide. “This guy Evan may have been elected to Congress on a ‘change the world’ ticket, but he’s never going to change the health and safety regulations.

“He’s still a weathercaster at heart! Building an ark for a little rain…”

Evan waved down from the deck of the ark. “Congressman Long, how wonderful to see you here.”

Long shrugged. “I had to see this for myself! It’s quite…something!”

Evans smiled. “Yes, it is. I’m doing what I was commanded to do.”

Long nodded. “I see that. However, you have no construction experience, do you? You don’t know what the health and safety rules are for construction sites. I bet you don’t even know that you’re supposed to carry out risk assessments.”

Evan smiled. “Well, you’re right, I didn’t. Until I had some…help”

Evan pointed up to the heavens. “I was told to sign up for the right standard, ISO 45001, and to get help in implementing it and achieving accreditation. I went out and found that help with Penarth Management and they put me on the right track. I now know all about the right protective workwear, training, and policies and practices. You’ll find all my relevant documentation in the cloud.”

Congressman Long snorted. “In the cloud? What, heaven?”

Evan sighed. “No, the cloud, you know…Mango online compliance software. It’s all ready for any official audit.”

Congressman Long looked at his aide, who was online on his tablet. The aide said: “Yes, Congressman, it’s all there as he says.”

Long turned on his heel and left, muttering.

Evan smiled. “The Lord helps those who help themselves,” he said.

Need help getting your ISO 45001 standard for your construction sites? Call our experts at Penarth Management on 029 2070 3328 or email Find out how online software like Mango helps your business stay on the right side of health and safety law. Book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom.


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