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How software automation can help drive efficiency

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

This week we've been chatting with Liz Tobin, a small business systems expert from Gingersnap Consulting, about how finding the right software can make your business more efficient. Liz helps small businesses unlock their potential through technology.

"Having the right systems in place by embracing some of the hugely cost effective business apps out there can make a startling impact on business efficiency," Liz explains. "You'll get time back, be able to deliver more and wonder how you ever managed before."

The benefits of software automation

  • More time Automating your systems using the right software will free up valuable time that can be spent more profitably elsewhere.

  • Streamlined systems Automation will mean an end to the repetition of time consuming tasks. Enter data just once, send information remotely and make processes faster and more efficient.

  • Fewer resources When your business is automated and you've got the right software in place, you'll need fewer resources to perform the same tasks - and you'll be able to do more with the resources you have.

Environmental benefits

  • Cut down on travel Software automation means you can utilise remote workers more, meaning a smaller carbon footprint for your organisation.

  • Use less paper Using digital solutions and cloud based services will cut down on paperwork, lessening your organisation's environmental impact.

Software automation and compliance

The streamlining and environmental benefits of software automation will help your organisation comply with ISO 9001, with its focus on internal systems, and ISO 14001, which looks at the environmental impact of your organisation.


If you'd like to know more about achieving these standards in your organisation, contact us at or on 029 2070 3328.

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