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Hi-de-Hi to Martyn’s Law! Is your holiday business ready for it?

Gladys Pugh leaned into the microphone and breathed: “Hello campers. Hi de hi!”

All around the Maplin’s campsite the reply rang out: “Ho de ho!”

Gladys tapped the microphone and said: “Today, our entertainment will begin after lunch as our entertainment staff are undertaking important training to keep you safe.

“Please join us at the pool at 2.30pm for the knobbliest knees competition hosted by our own Ted Bovis followed by the children’s swimming club gala, then a poolside exhibition of the Argentine tango with the delightful Barry and Yvonne. Ole!”

Gladys turned off the microphone and got up from her desk, sighing as she walked into Mr Fairbrother’s office.

“Is all this extra training really necessary, Mr Fairbrother?” she asked.

He nodded.

“I’m afraid it is, Gladys. Joe Maplin takes staying on the right side of the law extremely seriously, and the new Martyn’s Law protecting the public and helping to combat terror attacks will be on the statute books soon.”

Gladys sighed again and sat down.

“No one wants our campers to feel unsafe, Mr Fairbrother,” she said.

“There’s a lot to do to prepare for the new law, isn’t there?”

Mr Fairbrother nodded.

“Yes, Gladys, there is. All the holiday camps will have to undergo this as one of the public venues covered by the new legislation.

“We have to ensure risk assessments have been undertaken, staff have been trained properly and know how to both spot a threat and what to do is the worst happens, and we have to ensure effective communication at all times.”

Gladys smiled.

“That’s where I come in, isn’t it Mr Fairbrother?”

He nodded.

“It is! Your announcements will be vital in any emergency,” he said, smiling.

“Of course, we’re getting a lot of help getting ready for the new law from Mr Maplin’s consultants at Penarth Management.

“Maplin’s undertook a Martyn’s Law assessment to see what systems were in place and what needed improvement, which tier of the law we fall under, and what rules will be in place for our tier.

“Our experts at Penarth Management recommended Mango…”

Gladys looked puzzled: “What’s that, Mr Fairbrother? It sounds like a new cocktail!”

Mr Fairbrother laughed.

“No, it’s an online compliance software system that will help us manage everything we have to do for the new law. It’s accessible wherever there’s an internet connection because it’s in the cloud, and it will also help us manage compliance with environmental and food safety laws. No more piles of paperwork and easily accessible staff training records.”

Gladys nodded: “That reminds me, we need to talk about Peggy. There’s no way her cleaning regime complies with anything! She’s too busy trying to get a yellow coat to mop properly, let alone deal with all the cleaning regulations…”

Mr Fairbrother smiled.

“Let’s put her at the top of the staff training list, then. She’s your first challenge, Gladys! Hi de hi!”

Gladys looked glum and replied: “Ho de ho…”

You can find out more about Martyn’s Law (the Terrorism (Protection of premises) Bill) here:

Find out how Mango’s online compliance software benefits your holiday business. Book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom. We can help you achieve the ISOs you need, too. Call Penarth Management on 029 2070 3328 or email

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