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Contingency checklist for coronovirus and other curve balls

First there was the flooding. Now the Coronavirus, Covid-19, is set to have an even bigger impact on business continuity in 2020.

Whilst such disasters are awful and can have devastating effects on any business, they are, none-the-less reasonably foreseeable.

We have compiled a business continuity questionnaire which is designed to be used as a prompt for thinking about your own business continuity preparedness. Download the form for free from our online training platform using the link below.


We are in the process of building an ISO 22301 business continuity implementation course for delivery via online training. For an idea of what some of the content might contain, join us for the Zokit business wisdom slot on 16/04/20.

For more information about the upcoming course contact us on 029 2070 3328 or via

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