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Are You Being Served enough Mango in your business?

Ground floor perfumery, stationery, and leather goods, wigs and haberdashery, kitchenware and food, going up…


Captain Peacock stepped out of the lift and onto the floor.

Mrs Slocombe was arranging a display of scarves.

“Good morning, Captain Peacock. Punctual as always!”

Captain Peacock nodded. “Of course! It’s a landmark day for Grace Brothers today, too…”

Mrs Slocombe agreed.

“It certainly is. Young Mr Grace has asked us up to his private office for sherry this afternoon to celebrate.”

The lift doors opened again and Miss Brahms stepped out.

“Here, what are those workmen hanging up over the front doors, Captain Peacock?” she asked. “They’re a blinking nuisance!”

Captain Peacock bristled.

“They are hanging the royal coat of arms on the front of the building, Miss Brahms. It’s a great honour for Grace Brothers.”

She sighed.

“That’ll start Mr Harmon off, won’t it? He’ll be banging on about his boys getting double time…” she said.

The lift door opened again.

Mr Humphries walked down the steps and stopped in front of his counter.

“That royal warrant will be bringing in a better class of customer, won’t it Captain Peacock?”

Mr Humphries went to put his coat away and Captain Peacock checked his watch.

“I see Mr Lucas is late again,” he said to Mrs Slocombe, who nodded.

“He’ll miss the training this morning in the new online compliance software to help us manage all the requirements that allowed us to get the royal warrant.”

The lift opened again and Mr Lucas walked out.

“Morning, Captain, wondering where I was? The first train was cancelled because of leaves on the line,” Mr Lucas said.

Captain Peacock replied: “I take it they removed the leaves for the later train?”

Mr Lucas nodded.

“What’s this new computer system stuff all about then?” he asked.

“It helps us keep documents in the cloud so we can reduce the amount of paperwork we hold and it helps us ensure everyone is up to date with training,” said Captain Peacock.

“It was vital in getting us the royal warrant, you know.”

Mr Lucas said: “What’s it called?”

“Mango,” said Captain Peacock.

Mr Lucas smiled.

“Sounds fruity!”

Captain Peacock tutted and called out: “Mr Humphries, are you free for your Mango training?”

Mr Humphries appeared from the back and replied: “I’m free!”


Find out how Mango’s online compliance software benefits your business and helps it gain a royal warrant. Book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom. We can help you achieve the ISOs you need, too. Call Penarth Management on 029 2070 3328 or email

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