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What's the difference between an Audit, an Assessment and a Surveillance visit?

We’re sure there’s a great joke answer to this (anyone know what it is?), but this is an area that can cause some confusion – so here are the basic differences between an audit, an assessment and a surveillance visit.


  • Gathers evidence that policies and processes are in place and working, and meet the requirements of the relevant standards and the stated objectives of the organisation.

  • Can be carried out by the organisation itself or by its representatives such as consultants with appropriate experience – this is an internal audit. Many standards include internal auditing as a requirement for registration.

  • Can be carried out as part of an assessment or surveillance visit by an external certification body – this is a third party audit. Second party audits may be carried out by other interested parties such as customers.


  • Carried out by a third party certification body, preferably one accredited by UKAS. Involves a comprehensive audit of system documents (manual, policies, procedures etc.).

  • Aims to confirm whether the system meets all stated requirements of the relevant standard and if the organisation has set realistic objectives for ongoing improvement.  Is followed by a detailed inspection on site to confirm whether those documented procedures are being carried out in practice.

  • Outcome of a successful assessment: the issuing of a certificate of registration to the relevant standard or standards.

Surveillance visits

  • Are a condition of continuing registration once a certificate has been issued.

  • Ensure that the organisation continues to adhere to the Management System and requirements of the standards.


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