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What are you doing for European Health and Safety Week

Does your company handle dangerous substances?

If so, it's time to get involved in next week's European Health and Safety Week. The annual event, running from 22 to 28 October, inspires hundreds of activities all over Europe, such as film screenings, social media events, conferences, exhibitions, competitions and training sessions.

This year, the aim is to encourage active participation around improving safety management of dangerous substances.

Why is improving safety around dangerous substances so important?

Many workers across the UK and Europe are affected by exposure to dangerous substances. According to research from the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work (EU-OSA), 38% of enterprises report that "chemical or biological substances in the form of liquids, fumes or dust" are present in their workplaces.

Ensuring effective, active and participatory health and safety risk management in your organisation will benefit everyone, as well as reducing sickness absence and increasing productivity, making your business more competitive.

How your company can get involved

  • Access tailored support and advice using a free e-tool

  • Download free resources

  • Organise activities and events in your organisation - such as training courses, conferences and competitions

  • Get involved in the event during the week on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Attend the free seminar, 'Managing dangerous substances in the workplace', in Bradford on Tuesday 23 October


To find out how Penarth Management Limited can help your business gain health and safety accreditation and compliance, please contact us at or on 029 2070 3328

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