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What are the tools you’ll need to implement ISO 45001?

Our last blog looked at the many good reasons to implement ISO 45001, so now it’s time to details the tools you’ll need to make your transition to it a smooth process.

It’s worth carrying out a gap assessment to look at what you already have in place and what you still need to do.

To implement the standard successfully, you’ll need:

  • A clear understanding of the context of your business or organisation when it comes to occupational health and safety.

  • To understand your statutory obligations such as your legal duty of care to staff and the public.

  • To identify the interested parties involved.

  • To understand how the standards fits with company policies and objectives.

  • To assess the risks, hazards, and opportunities when it comes to occupational health and safety.

  • To show leadership and control procedures and records.

  • To have systems in place for monitoring and reporting.

Which documents should you gather up?

  • If you have already implemented OHSAS 18001, you will have many of the documents you’ll need to complete your transition.

  • If not, you’ll need to ensure you have copies of your occupational health and safety policies, training records for managers with occupational health and safety responsibilities, and records of staff who have been trained in first aid, mental health awareness in the workplace, and mental health first aid.

  • Staff handbooks and copies of the terms relating to workplace health and safety in standard contracts might also prove useful.

  • You’ll also need documentation showing details of any risks or hazards or any incidents leading to injury which have taken place.

Do you have compliance software to help you?

Using compliance software such as Mango is one of the best ways to ensure you have everything you need for ISO 45001 available to staff, wherever they are in the company.

It’s an effective tool to help you keep on top of implementing and monitoring any ISO standard.

To find out more about how you could make use of Mango in your organisation, book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom. We’ve also created a handy checklist to ensure you have all the tools you need to migrate to ISO 45001.

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